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Profoundly moving and touching. Intense and stimulating or incisive, astute and even painful. These are the moments that can happen in an instant and are lost forever. This is where the magic of photography awaits.

I'm fascinated by the world and trying to capture it in simple and meaningful ways. I seek out locations where a sense of inner peace and connection will come. From beginning to end it's a creative journey that gives my life meaning, purpose and escape from the everyday. It is my meditation that provides balance and keeps me centred.

Please feel free to comment or send me some feedback using the form below. I'm always grateful to read your words and if you have found some connection with my images.

Sales - Let’s all be honest, no one really sells prints anymore but if you see something here that you’d really love I have a store you can access. Please message me and I’ll send you a link, password and explain how it all works :)

I curate images for this site at my Flickr account - Flickr

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